AOM-35A Analogue Orientation Module

The AOM-35A is a premium, high accuracy 3-axis borehole surveying instrument designed for extreme downhole oilfield environments. Qualified to high temperature and drilling shock and vibration levels, the instrument is designed for reliability under the most demanding of environments.

The sensor utilises TruMag™, a novel 3-axis flux-gate magnetometer design and high-grade quartz-hinge accelerometers for excellent precision and stability. Proprietary high-reliability electronics packaging and printed circuit board mounting, provide an extremely robust instrumentation assembly with industry-leading performance.

175°C Option

175°C Option

Precision Flux Gate Magnetometers

Precision Flux Gate Magnetometers

  • Proprietary high stability/accuracy flux-gate magnetometers
  • Low power consumption
  • Modular assemblies for ease of maintenance
  • Robust and reliable assembly
  • Analogue or digital options available
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces engineered to suit application
  • Compatible versions for major MWD systems
  • Increased accuracy and stability
  • Highly integrated and robust assembly
  • Custom options
  • Experienced and dedicated support team
  • Collaborative approach to meet customers’ needs
  • MWD/LWD Borehole Surveying
  • Direct replacement of existing sensors
  • OEM implementation in LWD systems
  • Wireline directional surveying

Azimuth sensors are designed to be modular and can be customised to meet with your requirements and application. Optional features include:

  • High-Temperature Specification (175°C)
  • Azimuthal scanning for LWD applications
  • Automatic rotation detection
  • On-board shock and vibration monitoring
  • Digital Interface option
  • Dimensional variants - including 1.0” diameter option
Value Units
Inclination Accuracy +/-0.1 Deg.
Inclination Repeatability +/-0.05 Deg.
TF/Rotation at >5° Inc - Accuracy +/-0.5 Deg.
TF/Rotation at >5° Inc - Repeatability +/-0.05 Deg.
Azimuth at >5° Inc - Accuracy +/-1.0 Deg.
Azimuth at >5° Inc - Repeatability +/-0.5 Deg.
Dynamic Magnetic TF +/-5.0 Deg.
Value Units Comments
Operating Voltage +/- 14 to +/- 18 Volts Nominal (see note 4)
Active Power Consumption 1.0 (32mA @ +/- 15V) Watts Maximum (see note 1)
Accelerometer Scale 3 V/g Nominal (see note 2/3)
Magnetometer Scale 2.5 V/Gauss Nominal
ADC Resolution 24 Bit Minimum (see note 5)
ADC Data Acquisition Rate 2000 Hz Maximum (see note 5)
Value Units Comments
Operating Temperature -25 to 150 °C (see note 6)
-13 to 302 °F
Survival Temperature -40 to 165 °C
-40 to 329 °F
Vibration 30 g pk 50 – 1000Hz
20 g rms 50 – 1000Hz
Shock 1000 g 0.5mS Half Sine


  1. Independent Magnetometer/Accelerometer power switching
  2. Option for customer specific digital interface
  3. Option for customer specific Mag/Accel scales
  4. Option for single polarity power supply
  5. Available on digital option only
  6. 175°C version available

We provide a responsive repair, calibration and product support service. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel are available to troubleshoot or repair equipment, and provide general product technical assistance.

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