Surface Interface Box (SIB)

The Surface Interface Box is a complete MWD mud pulse decoding and data distribution system. The unit incorporates sophisticated filtering techniques for reliable data decoding in high noise environments from the Standpipe Pressure Transducer.

The unit also provides support for a Rig Floor Display and WITS connectivity, including and Ethernet connection. The SIB is directly compatible with the Geolink surface and downhole system, and is supplied in a robust, modular case for reliable field use.

  • Digitally adjustable internal filter clock
  • Direct Standpipe Pressure measurement o/p
  • Internal/external pump synchronisation
  • USB Interface to PC
  • WITS Serial and Ethernet support
  • Adjustable low-pass filters
  • RFD and Depth Tracking Unit interfaces
  • Robust modular units
  • Intrinsically safe sensor inputs
Value Units Comments
I/O Peripheral ASCII Terminal
Input Transducers Standpipe Pressure Transducer 4-20mA
Pump Proximity Switches IS
Output Thermal Printer/Data Interfaces
Digital display – SPP
Digital display – Pump Strokes
Functions Data decoding and distribution
RFD Communication
Depth Acquisition (DTU Comms)
Signal Filtering
WITS Communication
Value Units Comments
Operating Voltage 110 – 240 VAC (50/60Hz)
Hazardous Area Protection IS Circuits Intrinsically Safe barriers used for all Hazardous Area connections
Interfaces 5 x Serial RS-232 RFD, WITS, Printer, DTU, PC, Spare
1 x Parallel LPT Parallel printer, PC Control
1 x Ethernet WITS Server
1x USB PC Data Interchange
1 x Test Connector Internal signals
Value Units Comments
Operating Temperature -20 to 50 °C
-4 to 122 °F
Storage Temperature -20 to 70 °C
-4 to 158 °F
Vibration 5 g rms 50 – 1000Hz
Surface Interface Box

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