MWD Surface System

The Azimuth MWD Surface System provides a complete Directional and Gamma Depth logging system - fully compatible with the Geolink Negative Pulse system and Navigator Surface Software. The package contains four main elements - Surface Interface Box (SIB), Depth Tracking Unit (DTU), Communications Interface Module (CIM) and Rig Floor Display (RFD).

The new system provides a range of new features, such as enhanced display and easy to use firmware on the Depth system (DTU*), direct digital display of Standpipe Pressure and Internal Clock rate and full WITS Serial and Ethernet support for data distribution. The Surface System units are designed to be modular for ease of maintenance, and packaged in field ready robust enclosures.

*See individual module specification sheets for detailed description and data.

  • Full Geolink/Navigator compatibility
  • WITS Serial and Ethernet support
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Robust transportation cases
  • Automatic Depth tracking
  • Compact/portable system
  • Direct Standpipe Pressure measurement o/p
  • Hookload pressure Tx or Line Tensiometer
  • Modular design for maintenance ease
  • USB Interface
MWD Surface System

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