Negative Pulse MWD Toolstring

The Azimuth Negative Pulse MWD System is a new generation Directional/Gamma toolstring with the capability to support Resistivity data communications and transmission. Incorporating the latest technologies and features, this rugged and reliable fixed collar mount system ensures that reliability is delivered throughout the lifetime of the system. In addition to real-time shock and vibration, the system is also available with a 175°C operating temperature for hot-hole applications.

When your number one priority is reliability, and you value simple system set-up, then the Negative Pulse MWD System is the clear choice.

  • Easy set-up and configuration
  • Adaptable to variable collar ID
  • Real-time shock and vibration
  • Diagnostic data recording
  • Quick-connect couplers
  • Gamma and Resistivity support
  • Automatic TF Enable/Disable (Rotation Detection)
  • High resolution Gamma data memory
Value Units Comments
Transmission Type Negative Pulse
Mounting Fixed
Telemetry Pulse Position Modulation
Sensor Support Directional, Gamma, Temperature, Shock/Vibration, Resistivity
Flow Switch Differential Pressure
Power Lithium Cells, Single D/Double D option
Value Units Comments
Collar/Sub Sizes (OD) 4.75 inches
6.75 inches
8.00 inches
9.50 inches
Diameter (Housing) LP 1.895 inches
48.13 mm
Diameter (Housing) HP 2.000 inches
50.80 mm
Length 14.6 - 26.7 ft Configuration dependant
4.45 - 8.14 m
Value Units Comments
Operating Temperature -25 to 150 °C (see note 2)
-13 to 302 °F
Survival Temperature -40 to 165 °C
-40 to 329 °F
Vibration 30 g pk 50 – 1000Hz
20 g rms 50 – 1000Hz
Shock 1000 g 0.5mS Half Sine
Hydrostatic Pressure 15/20 kpsi LP/HP Respectively
Maximum Flow Rate 1200 USGPM Max
LCM Content 30 lbs/bbl Max
Sand Content <0.5 % (see note 1)
Pressure Differential 500-4000 psi


  1. May be de-rated with higher sand content.
  2. 175ºC option available

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