Gamma Ray Module (SGR)

A rugged scintillation based Gamma Ray Module designed for the toughest conditions. The module provides real time and memory storage of natural background Gamma radiation, serial communications, and a unique shock and vibration dampening

system to enhance the life of the sensor. The module is designed to be fully compatible with the Negative Pulse MWD System, but may be operated independently or in conjunction with other legacy MWD systems.

  • Real time data and Memory storage
  • High temperature qualified (175°C Option)
  • Stabilised measurement over temperature
  • Serial communications
  • Geolink system compatible
  • Up to 20Kpsi Pressure rating
  • Variable averaging
  • Low battery voltage detect
  • Fully calibrated
Value Units Comments
Measurement Energy Threshold >50 keV
Measurement Resolution 1.0 AAPI
Accuracy +/-1.5% Over Range Over full temperature
Vertical Resolution 6.0 inches Nominal
Value Units Comments
Diameter (Housing) LP 1.895 inches
48.13 mm
Diameter (Housing) HP 2.000 inches
50.80 mm
Length SGR² 58.94 inches Excluding coupler
1497.0 mm
63.03 inches Including coupler (make-up)
1601.0 mm
Length MGR³ 45.75 inches Excluding coupler
1162.0 mm
49.84 inches Including coupler (make-up)
1266.0 mm
50.80 mm
Value Units Comments
Operating Voltage +14.5V Volts Nominal
Power Consumption 0.3 Watts Nominal
PCL Interface
Value Units Comments
Operating Temperature -25 to 150 °C (see note 1)
-13 to 302 °F
Survival Temperature -40 to 165 °C
-40 to 329 °F
Vibration 30 g pk 50 – 1000Hz
20 g rms 50 – 1000Hz
Shock 1000 g 0.5mS Half Sine


  1. 175ºC option available
  2. SGR - Single Gamma Ray (Combined Battery)
  3. MGR - Modular Gamma Ray (Separate Battery Module)

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