Actuator Power Controller (APC)

The Actuator Power Controller (APC) is part of a new generation of advanced modules designed to be compatible with the Negative Pulse MWD System. The module contains highly efficient control electronics for the dual solenoid Negative Pulse Transmitter.

Implementation of new technologies and proven methods delivers new features and specifications, coupled with the known robustness and reliability of the Negative Pulse system.

  • Dual Solenoid Transmitter Control
  • ‘Active’ battery/power saving mode
  • High temperature qualified (175DegC Option)
  • Proven/robust technology
  • Low quiescent power consumption
  • Geolink system compatible
  • Up to 20Kpsi Pressure rating
  • Support for fast data transmission
Value Units Comments
Operating Voltage +/-17V Volts Nominal
Solenoid Peak Current 8.0 Amps Nominal
Solenoid Hold Current 8.5mA mA Nominal
Capacitor Bank 6000 uF per Bank (2 banks/module)
Quiescent Current <3.0 mA Idle mode
Diameter (Housing) LP 1.895 inches
48.13 mm
Diameter (Housing) HP 2.000 inches
50.80 mm
Length 40.96 inches Excluding coupler
1040.5 mm
45.06 inches Including coupler (make-up)
1144.5 mm
Value Units Comments
Operating Temperature APC-150 -25 to 150 °C (see note 1)
-13 to 302 °F
Operating Temperature APC-175 -25 to 175 °C
-13 to 347 °C
Survival Temperature APC-150 -40 to 165 °C
-40 to 329 °F
Survival Temperature APC-175 -40 to 185 °C
-40 to 365 °F
Hydrostatic Pressure Low Pressure 15,000 psi Maximum (1.895” Hsg)
103.4 MPa
Hydrostatic Pressure High Pressure 20,000 psi Maximum (2.000” Hsg)
137.9 MPa
Vibration 30 g pk 50 – 1000Hz
20 g rms 50 – 1000Hz
Shock 1000 g 0.5mS Half Sine


  1. 175ºC option available

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