Ancillary Equipment


Orientation Module Interface

The Orientation Module Interface is designed for testing and evaluation of Digital Orientation Modules (Tensor type) operating on an SPI interface platform. Used in combination with a digital sensor, it provides facilities to quickly troubleshoot, conduct roll tests or reprogram the EEPROM containing the calibration coefficients within the sensor. The provision to reprogram the EEPROM memory allows greater flexibility for the user when operating multiple processor unit types.

USB IOM Module Interface

The USB IOM Module Interface is designed to be used for communication with Azimuth Integrated Orientation Modules. The module provides a USB to RS232/RS485 or CanBus conversion, and a 30V power output derived from the USB.

The unit requires no additional power and comes with an associated software application for IOM configuration, testing and settings adjustment.



Gamma Calibrator

The Azimuth Gamma Calibrator provides an easy and convenient method to maintain the accuracy and calibration of your Gamma sensors within specification.

The calibrator is made from a particular Granite with a wide activity spectrum typical of many downhole formation conditions. The unit is traceable to API specification, easily transportable and requires no radiation control for use or shipping.



Battery Monitor Box

The Battery Monitor Box (BMB) provides a means to load test and de-passivate your Directional and Gamma batteries. The unit provides a facility to apply known loads to the battery cartridges and monitor the voltage output under those conditions. The Azimuth BMB provides clear digital voltage and current displays for dual or single battery polarities.

Rotary Depth Sensor

The Rotary Depth Sensor couples directly to the Azimuth Depth Tracking Unit (DTU) and is a robust rotary encoder designed for use in hazardous areas. The unit connects directly to the drawworks, is fully ATEX approved, IP67 enclosure rating and designed for heavy duty applications such as MWD depth monitoring.

Hookload Tensiometer (HLT)

The Azimuth Hookload Line Tensiometer is designed to be fully compatible with the Negative Pulse Depth system. Measuring the Hookload on the dead line anchor, the HLT eliminates the need to connect a hydraulic sensor into system and simplifies the rig-up and rig-down process.

The unit is designed to accommodate loads up to 75t, and available with operating ranges to 30t and 45t also. The unit is fully ATEX certified and sealed to IP67.

Hookload Pressure

The Hookload Pressure Transmitter provides an option to measure the hookload by hydraulic means, in order to determine the ‘slips’ status. The transducer is all Stainless Steel construction, fully ATEX approved and IP68 enclosure rating – nominally rated at 1.5kpsi (other ranges available). The Hookload transducer is supplied with a robust flying lead tail with the appropriate connector for coupling to the Azimuth depth system.

Standpipe Pressure Transducer

The Standpipe Pressure Transducer is a robust 4-20mA output, 6kpsi pressure transducer suitable for direct coupling to the standpipe via a WECO Hammer Union. The hammer union Pressure Transmitter is fully ATEX approved, IP68 enclosure rating and can withstand extreme vibration and impact.

The sensor is also available as an electrically insulated Standpipe Transducer - designed to provide complete electrical isolation between rig and signal detection ground in your decoding system. This reduces the interference observed on the SPT signal in cases where rig electrical noise is significant.